Which building materials provide the most effective shielding
against high-frequency fields?

High-frequency radiation is emitted by antennae and used primarily for communication technology. Other sources of electromagnetic radiation include television and radio transmitters. As far as is currently known, what ultimately matters is the overall exposure, which means the total electromagnetic field exposure to which people are exposed.

At the Viva Research Park, the capacity of the houses to shield against the three most common mobile phone frequency bands (900 MHz, 1,800 MHz and 2,600 MHz) was investigated.


Concrete houses and the timber block house provided almost complete shielding against all three frequencies
The timber frame construction and the 50 cm brick house were in the middle
25 cm brick houses had a low shielding capacity

It should be noted that a high shielding effect (attenuation) also means that the radiation from mobile phones used in well-shielded houses is higher.

The measurements were supervised and evaluated by IBO Innenraumanalytik OG, Vienna
Project period: 2015 – 2017